Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nadia Nyce

Destiny Deville is not the first Indian actress to take on the challenge of porn films. Before Destiny, there was Nadia Nyce, who began her exemplary work in 1995 for Rodney Moore, the King of Cream. Nadia only worked for six months in porn (exclusively for Rodney Moore), but what a six months it was! Moore made 50 shoots with Nadia, many of them capped off by massive load landing on her face. Her acting skills quickly earned her the respect of male viewership. Before she left porn to go back to England where she was born, she did a final scene for Moore's gonzo rival Ed Powers, who got her to submit to an anal from him, something she never let Moore perform on her. Royally pissed, Moore probably never forgave her for that and didn't respond to her when she sent him an e-mail several years later, possibly hinting at an interest to get back to the film business. Ah, if only!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So What Is It About Destiny?

So what is it about Destiny Deville that we like--nay--LOVE so much? Well, she has a beautiful face for sure. A good Indian nose and full lips. And look at her skin. Nice and brown and inviting to the touch. Everything about her suggests closer contact would be a delightful, transcending experience. Oh, yes, and hot.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Filmography of Destiny Deville

These are the films we will be studying thoroughly and reviewing. Or at least we hope to, as some may be difficult to acquire. The following list probably does not represent all of Destiny Deville's film work, but it should be fairly complete and will be updated as more titles are uncovered.

Young Latin Girls #13 (2004)
X the Series 3 (2004)
Naughty College School Girls 34 (2004)
Perverted Point of View 7 (2004)
Orgy World 7 - The Next Level (2004)
Barely 18 #15 (2004)
Cum Glazed (2004)
Stuffin Young Muffins 2 (2004)
Black Reign 4 (2004)
Barely Legal Innocence 1 (2004)
Word Man Does Las Vegas
Women of All Ages 2
We Love Black Dicks 3

(to be continued)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Manchester Babe

Biographical details are always sketchy with such alluring foreign-born actresses as Destiny, but all bio pages state that she is originally from Manchester, England. If you are one of the fortunate ones to have seen her in a film and heard her speak, this origin is confirmed by her language.

It should be noted that Manchester has a significant Pakistani population. According to Wikipedia, "The largest visible minority in Manchester are Pakistanis (Majority of Azad Kashmir and Punjabi origin) which make up 3.8% of the total population." We also learn that "a large Indian population (5.2%) lives in neighboring Bolton. Significantly, one in eight of all Pakistanis and one in twelve of all Bangladeshis in Britain reside in Greater Manchester. This cultural diversity is expected to increase over time, given existing trends."

These facts hint at the possibility that Destiny Deville's true ethnic origin may be Pakistani, rather than Indian, as she has been labeled since the beginning of her acting career. Or she may indeed be of Indian heritage, for as we see Manchester and environs have a large Indian population, too. The exotic mystery of Destiny continues. Of course, prior to the partition of 1947, the area now known as Pakistan was part of British India, so the roots are ethnically similar, with religion being the greatest separation being the Pakistani and Indian cultures.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Destiny Deville - Super Indian Actress

Destiny Deville (which can't be her real name, of course!) is one of the best Indian actresses to grace the small screen of your private entertainment system. You may have seen her in several of the epics that line your DVD shelf, you may have dreamed about her on lonely nights. She was born in 1985 and, from what we know, she started in the film business in 2004 and was rumored to have retired last year, in 2007, but a new DVD featuring Destiny has emerged in this early part of 2008. Considering how in demand are her acting skills in a profession that needs them desperately, we don't think Destiny can remain in retirement long, if she has indeed retired from the film business.

In her resume, Destiny has an incredible body of work, both in film and in online pictorial sessions that stun with their heat and boldness, and the incredible acting range and photogenic excellence of Destiny Deville.

Destiny is truly a legend in her own time. A legend this blog will investigate and honor. May our destiny be Destiny!